On-Farm Nutrition Service

Feed costs are the major cost faced by most livestock producers. Understanding and managing these cost effectively, particularly when faced with challenging economic and environmental conditions, is crucial for profitability.

Frankling Custom Feeds are experts in offering “Cost Effective Feeding Solutions”. The advise we offer is not only designed to help our you achieve the optimum margin over feed costs, but also ensure you use your own feed sources, wether that is pasture, hay, grain or silage, in the most effective way.

Frankling Custom Feeds offer all bulk customers complimentary on-farm nutrition and feed budgeting service*. Our qualified Nutritionist is available at any time to discuss the impact of different feeding strategies and feed purchasing decisions on the production and profitability of your farm.

*within 300kms of Koondrook, Vic. For customers outside this area “over the phone” advise is available, and on-farm visits can be arranged after discussion

Custom Mixing Service

We understand that every customer has different needs and expectations from both their animals and feed. We also recognise the significant investment that feed represents to each one of our customers. With this in mind we are happy to customise our feeds to meet the individual requirements of each customer*


We have a wide range of additives is available including Monensin, Betaine, Optisync, Teric Oil, Organic Minerals, Flavourings, Biotin, Yeasts, mycotoxin binders, and many more.

These additives are included on a per-order basis to ensure the correct dosage at the required feeding level.

More than additives

Using the services of our Nutritionist, we offer a custom formulation and mixing service for all bulk customers. In conjunction with our On-Farm Nutrition Service, we are happy to formulate a custom grain mix or pellet that meets the your goals – whether they are production-based, or budget-based.

We are also happy to mix rations supplied by your own Nutritionist.

*Minimum order quantities apply to all custom mixes

Delivery options

FCF can deliver small lots, through to bulk deliveries into your silo. Our equipment is designed to make the job easy for you.

Bulk deliveries are delivered with our blower truck set up. Giving you flexibility in load size and delivery time.

Smaller orders can be arranged in bulka bag (approx 1t) or in 20kg bags

Cost Effective Feeding Solutions

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