FCF Premium Calf Feeds

Frankling Custom Feeds range of quality premium calf feeds are carefully formulated to encourage intakes in young calves, to help promote rumen development, and strong, healthy growth in calves.

In addition to our own high specification premix containing vitamins, minerals (including organic trace minerals) and Bovatec(R), FCF Premium Calf Feeds* contain a range of proven additives including a yeast, MOS (mannan oligosaccharide), osmolyte and balanced levels of amino acids to promote healthy, efficient growth and development.

Muesli Products

FCF Premium 21% Calf Muesli

Blends & Pellets

FCF Premium Calf Creep

FCF Premium Calf Starter

FCF Premium Calf Grower

Pellets only

FCF Premium Calf Concentrate – NEW PRODUCT!!

*with the exception of FCF Premium 21% Calf Muesli – this product only contains our high specification premix and Bovatec(R)

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