Beef Performa Grass-Fed


Beef Performa Grass-Fed

Frankling Custom Feeds is proud to provide a fully certified PCAS pellet to beef producers around Australia backed up by a complementary nutrition service.  The Beef Performa Grass-Fed is a high-class formulation that includes natural essential oils and yeast to improve efficiency and health in cattle herds.   

Energy: 11.7 MJ ME
Protein: 15.2%
NDF: 31%
ADF: 26%
Fat: 5.5%

The number of cattle on feed can be maintained, and in some cases increased by providing Beef Performa Grass-Fed pellets as a supplement to pasture. PCAS accredited producers can use this product as a supplement, instead of reducing stocking rates.

The pellet is robust and palatable, tried and tested with younger and older cattle.  They contain quality nutrient sources such as legumes and protein meals combined with fibre sources such as almond hulls.  Capsulated into one little pellet, this means no separation and instant nutrient availability to improve efficiency in cattle.  It has been formulated to have the energy and protein to perfectly complement all forage types.

Methane Mitigation & Improved Weight Gain
Beef Performa Grass-Fed contains natural products that have been shown to significantly reduce the output of methane from cattle.   In turn, the microbial population in the rumen is increased and will reduce the energy required to convert feed into liveweight gains.

Strengthened Immunity
Natural yeast products have been shown to improve the natural immunity of cattle from common diseases and provide additional acid buffering to the rumen. 

Growing Demand for Pasture-Fed Beef
MLA Consumer Report 2017 states that 60% of consumers will avoid antibiotic/hormone treated animal products (source: Nielsen, ibid).  This means that the cattle industry needs effective methods of keeping cattle PCAS certified without compromising productivity or health.
Beef Performa Grain Free Pellets

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